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San Diego immigrants eager to apply for temporary work permits

Thousands of San Diego immigrants are eager to become a part of the current administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Discussed in depth in our July 6 blog posting, the program would offer temporary work permits to young immigrants who are currently in the country illegally. Although the program does not help immigrants complete the citizenship and naturalization process, it could keep them from being deported and allow them to find work while in the United States.

Help for San Diego residents seeking temporary work permits

In our post on July 6, we outlined the new immigration policy that may help as many as 1.39 million young people in San Diego and across the U.S. who are currently in the country without legal documentation and wish to obtain work permits. Certain undocumented immigrants seeking temporary work permits will now have the opportunity to receive one for $465. Beginning in mid-August, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will start taking permit applications. These applications will be up for renewal every two years. Some exemptions to the fees will be considered, but the majority of the costs will be taken on by applicants and not by taxpayers.

California man arrested; scammed immigrants seeking work permits

Not every person claiming to provide aid to the immigrant population can be trusted to do the right thing. A California man has been arrested and faces possible prison time for taking thousands of dollars from Mexican immigrants hoping to secure temporary work permits.

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