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Is one's sexual orientation a reason to be granted asylum?

It seems impossible to go throughout the day without hearing something about problems relating to sexual orientation. This is an emotionally charged matter from all viewpoints, and it is something that affects people on a global scale. Regardless of where one stands on the issue, there are those whose lives are threatened because of matters of this nature. Some of these individuals are immigrants who desire asylum and the right to live anywhere in the country, including California.

Immigration attorney can help with fiance visas

Marriage is filled with challenges -- they simply come with the territory. However, even before I do's are said, there are those residing in California and elsewhere who are faced with the obstacle of getting their soon-to-be spouses the documents needed to both enter and remain in the country. This may not affect a large group of people, fiance visas are available for those in this situation. The problem, though, is that these visas can be difficult to obtain.

What form is needed to apply for Unlawful Presence Waivers?

Numerous immigrants currently living in California and other areas of the United States who are immediate relatives of citizens, but who have not yet obtained the appropriate documents to remain in the country, may be required to return to their native countries in order to interview for immigration visas. The thought of being separated from one's family is understandably frightening. It may be possible to shorten the length of separation by filing for Unlawful Presence Waivers before leaving the country.

Those wishing to homeschool their children may be granted asylum

Choosing how to educate one's child is a very personal decision. Numerous parents in California and across the country decide to stick with public schools, while others will only consider private schools. The homeschool movement, while not a new concept, is growing in the United States and in other parts of the world. Unfortunately, in other countries, homeschooling is considered against the law. Because of this, the U.S. government is considering granting asylum to those who wish to homeschool their children.

Seeking asylum is not an easy or fast process, but is achievable

Numerous immigrants come to California, or other states, looking for a refuge from their native country. While making the claim for asylum may seem easy enough, the process of actually being granted this status can be quite challenging to navigate alone. One family's road to achieving asylum for their young daughters is certainly a story of hope for others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

What does applying for asylum in the United State entail?

For some individuals seeking access into the country, the United States is viewed as a place of refuge. For a number of reasons, every year people enter all areas of the country, including California, seeking asylum. In order for asylum to be granted, certain specifications must be met, and set application procedures must be followed for a chance to obtain this status.

What are provisional unlawful presence waivers?

As a part of the immigration process, some immigrants may be required to leave the country to attend an interview with a United States consular officer in order to obtain a visa for lawful permanent resident status. These proceedings can take time and often requires families to separate until a visa is granted. In order to help immigrants to California and other parts of the country get back to their families, provisional unlawful presence waivers were made available to speed up the process.

Mexican woman seeking asylum reunited with family in California

A woman who crossed the border on foot earlier this year and requested asylum has been reunited with her family in California. The woman has been detained since her arrival in the United States in March. She was seeking asylum here, saying she was receiving death threats due to her government employment.

New guidelines may make things more difficult for asylum seekers

Changes to the guidelines concerning what does or does not constitute a valid request for asylum may be interesting to people in California who are monitoring developments in this issue. The changes could mean that those who are seeking asylum in the United States may now find it more difficult to get their story heard. Some officials say that scenario is already taking place.

Obama administration eases restrictions for those seeking asylum

A recent modification by the Obama administration is lessening the restrictions faced by many immigrants looking to relocate to California or other areas of the country. The change affects people seeking asylum that may have unintentionally supported terrorists or their organizations. It redefines the definition of "material support" and how it is applied to asylum applications.

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