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Man denied asylum after failing judge's bible test

People immigrate to California and other states for a variety of reasons. Some come to join family members who arrived here before they did. Others want the chance for a better economic future. Still others come for religious asylum, seeking the religious freedom they cannot find in their home country.

California asylum: Gay man in fear to re-enter his country

California readers may have heard media coverage of a recent asylum case centered on a Russian man's claim of harassment based on his sexual orientation. The matter has shed light not only on the treatment of gays in other nations, but also of the manner in which asylum cases are handled right here in our own country. A federal court of appeals has found that the Board of Immigration Appeals within the U.S. Department of Justice was wrong in at least one of its conclusions in this case.

Disabled immigrant seeking asylum stages bicycling demonstration

California readers may have seen headlines in recent months about different demonstrations that have been staged by undocumented immigrants who are seeking asylum in the United States. One man, who had his legs amputated by an international drug cartel, participated in a different type of demonstration recently. Now fitted with prosthetic legs, he just completed an 800-mile bike ride through another border state to call attention to the plight of Mexican immigrants seeking asylum.

German family at risk of losing asylum in the United States

Many California residents are aware that the laws in other countries can sometimes be oppressive toward certain groups of people. In these cases, individuals who feel that their country's laws are going against their religious or other important beliefs may come to the United States in hopes of gaining political asylum. In many cases, this asylum is granted, and individuals and families are able to lead their lives more closely to their core set of beliefs rather than having them oppressed by other governments.

Asylum may be granted based on fear of facing gang persecution

Generally, getting asylum requires an immigrant to prove that he would be persecuted by the government of his native country if deported back to it. A federal case out of another circuit, along with a few other cases, seems to indicate an expansion of that principle. In light of that case, California immigrants and those located elsewhere may be able to get asylum based on the fear of returning to private gang persecution.

Bogus asylum requests being investigated by Homeland Security

Requesting asylum in the United States is not a particularly promising way of legalization. However, if you're from one particular country you'll be given preferred status. Due to laws passed by the U.S. Congress, individuals who can establish birth in that country are granted asylum and put on a fast track to naturalization. This impacts California and other states but is most crucial in connection with the southern coastal areas that provide direct ocean access to refugees from that island-country.

Asylum requests have quadrupled in the past 2 years

Some countries are so unbearable to live and survive in that they engender mass applications for asylum in the United States. Requests for asylum have quadrupled in some areas but apparently not so drastically in California. The influx is due to increasing crime, drug trafficking, violence and killings in certain countries.

California asylum seekers lack access to help when detained

California immigrants seeking asylum may one day find themselves detained by immigration authorities. It can be difficult to secure legal representation for those caught in that situation. With the possibility of deportation hanging over the heads, being detained in an immigration center may seem like the end of the world. Reports issued by the Detention Watch Network have revealed that no one is safe from the legal system concerning immigration in this country. Asylum seekers, legal and illegal immigrants and even pregnant woman are being detained with little to no access to legal representation.

California representation for detainees: Witnesses deported

California immigrants accused of a crime may have to wait a lengthy period of time before receiving any legal assistance. Sometimes an immigrant could be deported before ever receiving the help they need and in other cases they may have been involved in a crime and could serve as a witness to help in a criminal trial. Either way, many of these people are deported by the United States government before they ever receive the chance to testify or defend their own innocence. Representation for detainees is a right, and now defense lawyers across the country are crying foul at what they perceive to be a grave injustice.

California asylum cases could take years to be heard

New reports concerning the backlog of federal immigration courts may be a cause of concern to California immigrants detained by authorities. Reports show the court's handling of undocumented immigrants' cases are flawed and the caseloads are falling behind tremendously. Even in cases where the immigrant is not seeking asylum, immigrants could wait over a year and a half to have their cases adjudicated.

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