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Deportation fears force immigrants to file fewer police reports

It can appear at first glance to be good news: reports of sexual assault and domestic violence filed by the Latino population are dropping dramatically. But the bad-news side of the story is quickly apparent: police reports are dropping in frequency because of fears among immigrants that contact with law enforcement could result in detention and deportation.

San Diego's Channel 7 reports that here in California, the drop-off is especially noteworthy in Los Angeles, where reports of sexual assaults have plummeted 25 percent and reports of domestic violence have dropped 10 percent. Other ethnic groups have not shown similar decreases, the LA police chief said.

San Diego ACLU sues to stop months-long detentions

The American Civil Liberties Union is one of the nation's leading advocates of individual rights. The San Diego branch of the organization recently announced that it is suing the federal government for denying due process rights to immigrants who are detained for months before appearances in front of immigration judges.

A senior staff attorney with the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties said people charged with crimes typically go before judges within 48 hours while immigrants who are not charged with crimes are routinely detained for two months or more before a court hearing.

San Diego family torn by deportation

She is a grandmother and she is the backbone of the family, her daughter says. She's also a hard worker who loves to sing and dance with her granddaughters. She is also an unauthorized immigrant, according to a recent report by the San Diego Union Tribune.

The grandmother has been deported to Mexico after being taken into custody by immigration agents on Valentine's Day and then held for two weeks.

ICE in heated dispute with California law enforcement

Uncertainty continues to swirl around current and coming immigration enforcement policies here in San Diego and across California and the rest of the nation. After a recent raid on an El Salvadorian gang, a local police department and federal immigration officials had dueling accounts of what had happened.

In Santa Cruz, the police chief and assistant police chief said federal officials lied about a joint operation against the gang, assuring them that the raid would not include immigration-related arrests. On the other side of the story are the federal officials who say both law enforcement groups agreed before the raid that foreign nationals might be briefly detained.

Immigration enforcement rules spike fears of deportations

The release of the Trump administration's immigration enforcement plans is causing "a whole lot of panic in communities," an immigration rights advocate recently told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The two memos from the Department of Homeland Security call for increases in the number of border agents, arrests and deportations.

A day in San Diego without immigrants

It began as any other day with the sun crawling over San Diego's freeways and streets. But there were fewer of us rushing to get to jobs and classes that morning, as some workers and students stayed away in order to be part of the nationwide Day Without Immigrants protest.

Organized as a counter to President Trump's recent deportation orders, travel ban for some Muslim-majority nations and calls for a wall along the border, the protest hit some businesses hard while leaving others untouched, according to an article in the Union-Tribune.

What are your rights during an immigration arrest?

In the current political climate, immigration laws may seem unstable and uncertain. Many immigrants, whether undocumented, asylees or permanent residents, may worry that they are at risk for deportation.

Regardless of immigration status or personal circumstances, it is vital for all immigrants to be aware of their rights, especially when dealing with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

Immigrant mom seized by ICE during routine check-in

The 36-year-old woman has lived in the U.S. most of her life. According to San Diego's Channel 7 news, she immigrated to the United States when she was 14 and is raising two children.

She went to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility for a routine visit, reporting as she was required to do every six months. Without warning, she was taken into custody and her life was turned upside down. Protesters quickly gathered around the Phoenix building to block any attempt to take her to a detention center or to the border for deportation.

Fake news, fake deportations, real fears

While social media can provide useful and fun ways to stay in touch with family and friends, it can also be used to scare, intimidate and bully people. California law enforcement officials say there have been recent social media hoaxes that claim checkpoints have been set up to find undocumented immigrants, who would then be deported.

Immigration officials say no checkpoints are in place or are being planned. An investigation has been launched in a California community north of San Diego.

A hospital stay could lead to deportation. Is it ethical?

In most situations, deportation is a formal process that follows strict federal regulations. A legal and ethical loophole exists, however, in the medical world.

Medical repatriation is the process of returning a hospital patient who is an immigrant to their country of origin for long-term care. This typically occurs with undocumented immigrants who lack health insurance. They often are returned to a country that has inadequate treatment facilities, where deteriorating health, and even death, can result. Yet in the eyes of the hospital, it is a standard patient transfer.

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