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3 potential reasons for deportation

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2024 | Immigration Law

Many immigrants worry about deportation. They may have worked hard to get to the United States, and they have high hopes for their future. If they get deported, it’s going to entirely derail those plans. It could also separate them from family members, their career, educational opportunities and much more.

As such, it’s important to understand why the government may decide to deport someone. Here are three of the top reasons listed by the United States government.

Visa violations

First of all, people get deported when they violate their visa. This could be as simple as overstaying a tourist visa or staying in the United States after graduation when you were only here on an educational visa. Workers also may be in violation of their visa if they get fired and do not find another job within the grace period.

Criminal acts

Those who are convicted of criminal actions could also face deportation. But this doesn’t mean that every minor crime is going to result in someone being forcibly removed from the United States. The authorities are most worried about crimes of moral turpitude, especially if they cause harm to others.

Public safety issues

Speaking of a threat to others, the government can also deport those who they determine are a “threat to public safety.” This is a fairly open-ended definition that could apply to many different situations. It could be based on things the person has said or done, or perhaps even on criminal activities that they have engaged in.

If you’re potentially facing deportation, you do have legal options. Take the time to look into them carefully at such a crucial point in your life.