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Plan for possible immigration detention before it happens

Being detained by immigration is a difficult place to be. We've discussed how you might need a bond to be released from custody. The fact that you might be able to secure a release might not make you feel any better. We know that this is a challenging position for you to be in. Hopefully, you have your loved here to help you through this.

The immigration raids that are becoming more commonplace are making it hard for some immigrants to live. These events are frightening to have to live through. Immigrant communities are usually tight-knit, which makes even one immigration detention a devastating event. We know that there are often hard things that come along with these cases.

Immigration raids, detentions and deportation worry immigrants

The Immigrations and Customs Enforcement raids that are making the news have some immigrants concerned about their future. Whether you have proper documentation to show that you are in the country lawfully or not, you need to learn about these raids and the detention that can follow.

There are around 1 million individuals in this country who have active removal orders. It is said that the raids are being done to find those individuals. One mayor noted that they might end up leading to collateral deportations if there are people found in the raids who don't have the right documentation.

Citizenship comes with responsibilities and rights

Becoming a citizen of the United States is a big step for a person who immigrated here from another country. Successfully completing the process can provide you with some nice benefits, but you will also have to take some responsibilities. It is imperative to think about all of these so that you make the decision about becoming a citizen that is best for you.

When you become a citizen, you will take an Oath of Allegiance. This means that you will serve this country if necessary and that you agree to support and defend the laws and Constitution. This oath nullifies any other national or sovereign allegiances that you had. Other responsibilities, such as serving on a jury and respecting others in this country are also necessary.

Categories of temporary worker visas in the United States

Some people want to come to the United States to work and earn money. In order to do this, they must have the appropriate visa for their situation. There are times when the person knows that they will only remain the country for a specific amount of time. In these cases, a temporary worker visa might be the option that is best for them.

There are only limited numbers of temporary worker visas for some categories. Once that number is reached, no more can be issued for the year. This means that it might be in your best interest to file for yours early in the year.

Release from immigration detention often requires a bond

Immigration detention is a serious matter that must be treated swiftly and with some measure of skill. When a person is being held on an immigration detainer, you need to find out what you can do about it. One of the top priorities will be getting the person out of jail. In most cases, this requires you to post a bond.

In order to get a bond, you will likely have to ask for one. A bond is a monetary surety that you will appear for future court dates. You have to go to all hearings in the case through the final disposition. It is sometimes possible to be released on your own recognizance, which means that you don't have to post bond but you do have to agree that you will attend hearings. Typically, this "OR" release is reserved for people who have special conditions, such as a pregnancy.

Prepare for citizenship exams by studying often

When you want to become a citizen of the United States, you will have to take tests. These ensure that you meet the requirements for the citizenship. One of the exams checks your ability to speak, read and write in English. The other has to do with civics, government and U.S. history. It is vitally important that you take the time to study and prepare for these tests.

The test that has to do with speaking English is one that might scare some people. You will do this with the immigration officer. You will be asked to discuss some of the information on your citizenship application with the officer.

What should I know during an immigration raid?

People who have come into the United States have a new fear – Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids. Some people call this enforcement of the law, but people who know the country's laws know that these immigration raids can come with some serious questions.

The director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says that the raids, which are planned for Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities, aren't just targeting undocumented individuals. He claims that they are targeting people who have a federal removal order. One statement said that the target is aggravated felons and those who are considered violent criminals.

Arrests can trigger immigration actions for some individuals

One fear of people who are in the United States without proper documentation is being arrested. There is a possibility that an arrest can trigger deportation in some cases. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uses the Secure Communities program to find inmates who are eligible for deportation. Not all jails participate in this program, so there is a chance that being arrested might not do anything at all to a person who doesn't have documentation.

When a person is incarcerated, a participating jail will provide the fingerprints to immigration and criminal databases. This lets ICE know when people are being held who have violated immigration laws. This can trigger a detainer that would hold the person until ICE is able to get them or until the detainer expires.

Family-based immigration sometimes has numerical limitations

Families often want to be close enough to visit each other frequently. This can be rather complex if you have a family that don't live in this country. The family immigration program might be beneficial for you to bring your loved ones here. The reasons for this vary considerably. Maybe you just want everyone together or maybe your family members are living in a dangerous area overseas.

Before you embark on the process of trying to get them here, you must understand the program. One of the first things that you have to determine is what classification the individuals coming fall into. There are two broad categories. One of these, the immediate relative immigrant visa, is unlimited. This visa is for a citizen's spouse, unmarried minor children, orphans who are adopted or will be adopted by a citizen and parents of adult citizens.

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