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Govt introduces new deportation guidelines

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2011 | Criminal Defense

Threats of deportation and removal proceedings just got a long-awaited breath of fresh air. The Department of Homeland Security has said it will change the way it handles immigration. Basically, the Department will classify immigrants, providing hope for some facing deportation and removal proceedings. Those that attend school, have relatives in the military or are the primary caretakers for sick family members will have a better chance of staying in the United States. It appears California immigrants fitting within those guidelines will go to the back of the line, thus buying more time to fight for legal status..

One undocumented California resident cares for a daughter diagnosed with leukemia. She appears to fit within the new guidelines, but her other family members do not. She said they are here to work in the fields each day, reach for their dreams and to get an education for their children. It is possible the other family members may get deported while her case is delayed because of the new rules. However, they say they will stay together, meaning if they are deported she will leave with them no matter what the rules allow.

Another undocumented immigrant just graduated from college and is starting a master’s program. He will be protected as well, but he cautions it does not mean citizenship or residency. What it does is allow them to stay in the United States for the moment.

Immigration news is a hot topic now and will only increase as we approach next year’s national elections. However, for those seeking to avoid deportation and removal proceedings, the time is now. A California attorney intent on helping good people who want to stay in the states may offer some help and assistance.

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