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Students facing deportation instead of a college degree

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2011 | Criminal Defense

It was back in January of this year when one California university campus was raided by federal immigration agents and subsequently closed down. The school in question was Tri-Valley University, with its campus located in Pleasanton. The closure came about when it was alleged that the school was a front for illegal immigrants. And now as the case has developed, hundreds of students who went to the university are caught in the crossfire, and are facing deportation and removal proceedings.

At issue for the students is that the student visas issued by the college are now invalid. A review of the visas is scheduled to begin in November. For students whose visa requests are denied, they face immediate deportation. To make matters worse for the students, before the government will consider a review on an individual basis the student must supply ID, school transcripts and book receipts for the spring 2011 semester, which will be impossible because the school was shuttered in January.

This story illustrates how quickly things can change for immigrants living and studying in the United States. It also illustrates how students can be caught off-guard when it comes to the many immigration laws now on the books. For many of these students, simply trying to get an education has become a legal nightmare.

When individuals are faced with immigration issues or threats of deportation, they may wish to consider speaking with an experienced California immigration attorney. This applies to both workers and students. The laws are constantly changing, and working with a legal professional may prove to be the best way to avoid trouble with the law.

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