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Deportation possible for Occupy Oakland protester

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2011 | Criminal Defense

Immigration issues are a highly contentious subject. The Obama administration has not earned the best reputation because of its high rates of deportations, and it seems that as an election approaches, officials are getting tougher on their immigration stance. At least that’s how it could seem to one California resident, who is being held without bail in an already overcrowded jail system due to his immigration status.

The man was arrested during an Occupy Oakland protest, which is part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but his arrest was not like most other arrests during the Occupy protests. Because he is from Mexico and appears to have overstayed his visa, he is facing possible deportation and is being held without bail. He faces criminal charges for allegedly refusing to disperse and loitering. They are misdemeanors, and he could theoretically be out on a $10,000 bail were it not for a federal immigration hold.

The man is not without supporters: His fellow Occupy protesters are outraged that the community would use resources and energy to detain someone whose daily life promotes peace. The supporters have been gathering outside a jail in Oakland to protest his detention. Meanwhile, he faces deportation and removal proceedings, and his future in the United States is uncertain.

At issue may be whether or not the man should fall under the administration’s desire to defer immigration cases against people with no criminal record or those detained for nonviolent and non-serious criminal allegations. Either way, the man could benefit from the help of an experienced immigration attorney, who can help him navigate the maze of laws and regulations comprising the nation’s immigration policy.

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