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Cuban-born athlete set to participate in Olympics as an American

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2012 | Citizenship

A 28-year-old athlete from Cuba — now a U.S. citizen — truly knows what it means to live the American dream. He remembers dreaming of become an Olympic athlete as a child, practicing swimming alongside his country’s national team. Now, the celebrated athlete is gearing up for the upcoming Olympic Games in London after being chosen for one of the two available spots on the American triathlon team at the San Diego trials. This is definitely a success story for the man whose family was targeted by Fidel Castro for being against his policies.

Now, the athlete is happy to have citizenship a new country that has provided him the opportunity to fulfill his potential, since he believes his family’s political history would have made it impossible for him to represent his birth nation in any Olympic games. He is truly proud to represent his new country in the coming Olympics. This sentiment was further illustrated by his family and friends, who held up signs reading “U.S.A.” upon his return home from the San Diego triathlon trials.

The athlete believes that his participation in the Olympics as an American will send a “message to the Castro government.”

As this man’s story shows, the path to citizenship can be successful. While the process is often difficult and trying, persevering and seeking help from the right people can help increase the chances that your journey will be successful. .

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