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Family seeks U.S. asylum after multiple members killed

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2012 | Asylum

San Diego residents with family members in drug-ridden countries may be interested in a story about a family seeking asylum. The matriarch of the family initially refused to leave her homeland, even after the deliberate murders of several of her children and other family members. After her grandson — the last of her family left in Mexico — finally gave, she has requested asylum across the border in our country as well, hoping to escape the drug wars of her own country and rejoin her family already here.

Some 32 family members fled to the United States once their relatives began to be killed in 2010. The woman and her family lived in Juarez Valley, a city in Mexico viewed as a “lawless” area. She initially lost her daughter and one of her grandchildren in the drug violence. Shortly after, she lost another child, then two more, another grandchild and eventually her daughter-in-law.

The 76-year-old woman made enemies in Mexico. She and her grandson accused the army of violating human rights laws and demanded that justice be served for all of their family members killed. They do not blame the deaths on criminals in the area, but on the soldiers who are there to battle drug traffickers.

The grandson was finally forced to leave when his ex-wife was interrogated by soldiers looking for him. The man claims the soldiers burned down his home, stole their cars and threatened his ex-wife. He feared that if he stayed, he would be killed.

One of the woman’s sons has already received asylum. Hopefully the petition of the woman and her remaining grandson will be granted to allow them to escape the violence in their own country. San Diego residents may have family in other countries area seeking a way out. With the proper guidance, they may be able to achieve their dream to leave bloodshed behind and experience a more peaceful life free from the threat of violence.

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