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Judge grants Muslim man citizenship after USCIS rejected him

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2012 | Citizenship

San Diego readers might be interested in the immigration victory of a Muslim man. The citizenship and naturalization process can be full of red tape, and one man has experienced that after a lengthy legal battle against immigration authorities. A judge has since ruled that authorities drew the wrong conclusions about the man’s faith, and he is now set to become a citizen of this country.

The man originally sought to become a citizen in 2008. One of the requirements to become a United States citizen is good moral character. However, this is where the man began to experience problems with his application. Immigration authorities contend the man lied to officers about his connection to a mosque and the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that could have terrorist ties and one that some countries have banned.

However, the man acted on the advice of his lawyer, who told him he should not talk about any religious affiliations. When it was apparent that interviewers were questioning those affiliations, he told the USCIS that he worships at the mosque in question because he lives close to it. The man denied being part of the Muslim Brotherhood, but the USCIS alleges that they had information linking him to the organization. A judge has since overturned the man’s denied application, and he will be naturalized. The judge has stated that his Muslim faith was wrongly judged and that he did possess the required moral character to become a United States citizen.

Although it is rare for a judge to overturn an application like this, this man now has the opportunity to finally realize his dream of becoming a citizen. While many San Diego residents realize how difficult the citizenship and naturalization process can be, most don’t expect something as subjective a religious faith to become an issue. Fortunately, a judge has ruled in this man’s favor, and he is now free to move forward with his life.

Source: The Washington Post, “Judge overrules immigration authorities, orders Va. Muslim be naturalized,” July 25, 2012