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October 2012 Archives

California work visa: Bill could help skilled workers remain

Immigrants across California and the rest of the nation often struggle to obtain a work visa in this country. Even with valuable qualifications that companies are looking for, it can be difficult for them obtain the status they need to remain in the country. This is because federal law requires a cap on work visa numbers in the United States. The cap is extremely low, virtually ensuring that the yearly quota for applications is filled within just a few days.

California representation for detainees: New policy may help

California has been in the news for several months now regarding the state's immigration policies. Recently, a city police chief has stated that he wishes to change the policy that forces the city to hold immigrants on low-level crimes. This could be a popular move for immigrants within the state, especially with the difficulty of finding representation for detainees when they are on an immigration hold.

California immigrants fearing home persecution can request asylum

California immigrants may be heartened at the case of a Guatemalan immigrant who recently received asylum from the United States government. The man recently discovered he was one of the only survivors of a village massacre apparently sanctioned by his homeland's government. He was kidnapped as a young boy and raised by a soldier's family as their own child. His asylum request came after he discovered the kidnapping and realized he could face personal harm if he ever returned home.

More work visa challenges: California store caves to pressure

A California grocery chain is under fire after they recently announced they would begin checking the immigration status of all of their new hires. Some people in this country do not possess a work visa and are attempting to make a positive contribution to the workforce as best they can. The new policy has outraged both the store's customers and workers. Although the law prevents the company from checking the immigration status of their current employees, workers at the store feel that because they support the nation's economy, the new policy is a betrayal.

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