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Citizenship and naturalization easier for Asians in California?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2013 | Citizenship

Newest census numbers in California show rising numbers of Asian immigration within the state. Over the past decade, there has been an immigration shift, leading to their numbers overtaking other ethnicities entering the state. The citizenship and naturalization process may be full of red tape, but for them, the wait seems to be worth it, especially because of the current job market. The sharp rise in immigration is linked to their educational backgrounds and desire to work. Others come into California searching for investment opportunities.

When immigrants come to certain areas surrounding Los Angeles and inside of the city, it boosts the economy and brings in employment. While there are several reasons for the surging numbers in immigration, education is one of the top leaders. These immigrants often come into the country highly educated, meaning it will likely be easier for them to find employment. Other immigrants don’t often have the same educational opportunities, and it may be difficult for them to find a meaningful and well-paying job.

Numbers from 2001 show immigrants coming from Latin American countries at 42 percent, and Asians only represented 37 percent. However, numbers from 2011 show only 22 percent of immigrants arriving from the Latin America countries, and 57 percent now entering from Asia. Certain aspects of the citizenship and naturalization process for this demographic group may be easier because of the skills they bring to the workforce and their often higher educational status. Also, these numbers do not appear to be linked to undocumented immigrants, only those entering the country in a legal manner.

The citizenship and naturalization process is an often lengthy, sometimes frustrating process. Asian Americans with the desire to work may not find the process to be as difficult as others may, especially when employers are searching for skill-sets these immigrants may already possess. California is one of the prime areas for Asian Americans, simply because of the job market and opportunities available to them. Asians who find their paperwork caught up in the immigration process may wish to seek help. Many steps exist in the process and missing one can mean the difference between becoming a permanent resident and being forced to wait an even longer period of time.

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