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California survey shows change in attitude toward immigration

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2013 | Family Immigration

There are many controversial social issues being discussed and debated on today’s political stage. Among them is the topic of illegal immigration. Some people call for stricter rules regarding immigration and the path to citizenship. Others call for more lenient rules and more protections for immigrants. Both sides can agree that some sort of reform needs to take place.

A recent study conducted by a joint effort between the Los Angeles Times and the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences indicates that there is a shift in the feelings of the people of California in regards to their views on illegal immigration. The phone study took place over a period of a week and included over 1,500 registered voters. The response was markedly in favor of those people who may be in the United States illegally, a change from previous polls. In the latest survey, only 19 percent of respondents felt illegal immigrants should be deported.

The attitudes of Californians are most likely shifting in a reflection of the shifting population of California. More and more Latinos are forging relationships with voters. An overwhelming majority indicated that current policies are failing and reform was necessary.

While the survey only represented a sample of California, it is a clear indicator that the issue of illegal immigration is not going away. Decisive action needs to be taken. Since the United States is founded on the ideal of freedoms and hope for a better life, it is only fair that all those involved, including policymakers, give the topic careful consideration.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Poll: Only 19% of Californians want illegal immigrants deported,” Maeve Reston, March 24, 2013