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Deportation and removal proceedings possible for California woman

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2013 | Criminal Defense

A California resident is facing deportation and removal proceedings after police responded to complaints about her barking dogs. The woman claims she returned home with her children after grocery shopping and found the police waiting for her. She stated they scolded her about her English skills and when they asked her to show identification, they manhandled her. The police claim the woman became upset and kicked one of the officers, a claim she denies. Any immigrant facing criminal charges may be subjected to deportation and removal proceedings, so it may be in their best interests to request legal assistance as soon as possible.

After the altercation, authorities charged her with resisting arrest and issued her a citation concerning the animal noise. The woman reportedly pleaded with officers not to take her away from her children, but she ended up spending a week in a local jail. She was then transported to an immigration detention center. The woman surrendered her dogs to animal control in an effort to avoid any further issues.

The ACLU has stepped in and plans to defend the woman during her immigration hearing, currently scheduled for this September. Her attorney has stated immigrants may come under additional scrutiny if authorities suspect the person may be undocumented. In some cases, an arrest that could have no basis in law allegedly occurs because authorities believe it could result in a potential illegal immigrant being deported.

California immigrants involved in deportation and removal proceedings may feel helpless at their situation. However, those people have the right to request legal counsel. Any undocumented immigrant charged with a minor crime could be subjected to deportation. Acting quickly to secure legal representation could result in the ability to mount a strong defense with a positive outcome for both the immigrant and their family.

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