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August 2013 Archives

Immigration violators being targeted for stiff prison sentences

According to commentary in the Huffington Post, the next wave of nonviolent offenders to flood the federal prison system will likely be undocumented immigrants. The recent policy announced by the Department of Justice promises a letup in nonviolent drug prosecutions and sentencing policies, both here in California and nationwide. At the same time, however, the government has stepped up its nearly decade-long immigration policy that's designed to put undocumented immigrants in prison rather than deporting them.

Reforms to investor visas wait for approval by Congress

Under a pilot program, immigrant investor projects are operating out of regional centers that help private businesses pool investments from potential immigrant investors at $1 million or $500,000 per person. The regional center program is an extension of the 1990 program that encourages foreigners to come to California and other areas nationally to start their own businesses in return for investor visas that could be made permanent. The hook is that if they create 10 jobs in two years, their conditional status can become a green card permanent resident status.

Bogus asylum requests being investigated by Homeland Security

Requesting asylum in the United States is not a particularly promising way of legalization. However, if you're from one particular country you'll be given preferred status. Due to laws passed by the U.S. Congress, individuals who can establish birth in that country are granted asylum and put on a fast track to naturalization. This impacts California and other states but is most crucial in connection with the southern coastal areas that provide direct ocean access to refugees from that island-country.

Agricultural industry supports employment immigration reform

Agricultural interests in California want immigration reform and support the Senate-passed reform bill. According to a spokesman for agricultural interests, farmers face a critical shortage of legally authorized and experienced workers. California and the nation need employment immigration reform and they need it now. The Senate bill is supported by both the agricultural industry and farm labor unions, according to that spokesman.

Asylum requests have quadrupled in the past 2 years

Some countries are so unbearable to live and survive in that they engender mass applications for asylum in the United States. Requests for asylum have quadrupled in some areas but apparently not so drastically in California. The influx is due to increasing crime, drug trafficking, violence and killings in certain countries.

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