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Immigration reform proves hopeful to activists

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2013 | Family Immigration

Residents of California know that the majority of illegal immigrants who come to the United States do so for a better life. This country was founded by immigrants. The only difference between then and now are the rules for immigrants coming into the country. Immigration activists are hopeful that good news for immigration reform is within reach, now that the government is back in business after its 16-day shutdown.

Not long before the shutdown began, the immigration reform movement showed promise on Congress’ behalf. A bill with bipartisan support for immigration reform had made its way through the Senate and into the House, where it has remained on hold. Reports say that the Republican Party is looking for alternative plans to the original immigration reform bill. As it stands, the bill would allow a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently living in the United States.

Following the government shutdown, other bills have attempted to resolve issues surrounding immigration reform. Topics of these bills include ideas surrounding agricultural worker visas, immigration enforcement and employment visas. The issue, however, is that they, too, could be turned away before ever being voted on in the House.

If this bill were to get passed and put into effect, it could give all illegal citizens a fair chance at achieving the American dream they have only heard about. It would be life-changing, as an immigrant, to finally receive the same support from the government that every natural-born citizen does. Being able to work and provide for their families is what the end goal is for most immigrants. For illegal immigrants in California, it can prove beneficial to stay knowledgeable on any changing information regarding immigration reform.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, Despite setbacks, immigration activists remain hopeful for reform, Amber Phillips, Oct. 30, 2013