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California immigration: Give illegal immigrants citizenship?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2013 | Family Immigration

So far, about 11 million people are living in this country without any legal status. California supporters for a change in immigration laws have begun the Fast for Families. This is a five-day fast in an attempt to influence the government to approve a new immigration law that would permit more illegal immigrants to become citizens of the United States.

President Obama requested financial backing from the government to enact a “deferred action program.” Under the program, immigrants would be allowed to stay in the United Stated, utilizing work sponsorship, and they would also receive deferrals for a period of two years to avoid deportation. One activist stated that the immigrants should not feel scared living in this country and should be able to get employment just like everyone else. It was also stated that the government should conduct themselves in a fair manner toward the immigrants.

The government denied the financial backing, however, which then resulted in the Fast for Families protest. Activists and passionate supporters have agreed to participate in a five-day fast. A representative of California has stated that he would permit illegal immigrants already residing in the United States the opportunity to obtain citizenship, but they must be eligible under certain stipulations.

If the immigration reform is passed in the United States, most illegal immigrants will be able to obtain citizenship. This creates a prospective future for the California immigrants and for those who depend on them for their basic necessities. Also, immigrants will have more legal rights and have access to gainful employment.

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