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December 2013 Archives

California immigration law may change through Obama

President Obama has been involved in decreasing the amount of immigrants who are deported. Obama has been active in facilitating a change in current immigration laws. Obama has faced backlash from a number of California minorities, who claim that immigrants have been deported at extraordinary rates.

Man alleges discrimination under California immigration law

A 34-year-old Latino immigrant has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was discriminated against in a job questionnaire. This comes after the Governor of California enacted an immigration reform that permits unregistered immigrants to obtain certain licenses and other benefits. However, one of the questions asked on a job form is now under fire amid claims that it is discriminatory against Latinos.

Even with citizenship California immigrants face challenges

When an immigrant is seeking immigration">citizenship, the goal of becoming a naturalized citizen may seem like the answers to all one's problems. However, this is not so for one American who gained his citizenship in 2010. When the man applied for work with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, he admitted to working at a restaurant under a Social Security number that was not actually his.

California asylum: Gay man in fear to re-enter his country

California readers may have heard media coverage of a recent asylum case centered on a Russian man's claim of harassment based on his sexual orientation. The matter has shed light not only on the treatment of gays in other nations, but also of the manner in which asylum cases are handled right here in our own country. A federal court of appeals has found that the Board of Immigration Appeals within the U.S. Department of Justice was wrong in at least one of its conclusions in this case.

California immigration reform: The battle continues

The immigration battle continues in the House of Representatives on approving a bill that would create more citizenship of the United States. President Obama and his democratic party have sought to help millions of illegal immigrants become citizens in our country through immigration reform. The bill has yet to be approved, and those who oppose it believe that it could actually work against the current citizens, instead of having an added benefit. However, a California republican with the House of Representatives has sided with the bill.

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