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California immigration law now protects more illegal immigrants

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2014 | Family Immigration

In light of reform to immigration laws, there are some changes that are set to take place. As of 2014, illegal immigrants will be granted more protection and rights under new California immigration laws. One of the laws includes minimum wage being raised to $9 per hour.

Under many circumstances, immigrants are vulnerable to retaliation from their employers for whistleblowing. In regard to employment laws, employers will not be allowed to contact authorities to report an illegal immigrant at the workplace for the purposes of retaliation. Employers will also not be allowed to terminate workers who are domestic violence victims. As far as deportation, authorities will not be permitted to hold immigrants in custody for minor crimes.

Moreover, immigrants will have more access to public records without being required to remit citizenship documentation and can help voters during election time. As of 2015, illegal immigrants will have the right to obtain a driver’s license. Also, attorneys who are unregistered immigrants will be able to obtain licensing to practice law.

Most immigrants migrate to California and other parts of the United States to provide a better future and more opportunities for themselves and their family members. The new immigration law provides illegal immigrants more protection as residents and employees. Illegal immigrants may be entitled to take legal action if any of their rights have been violated by authorities or an employer, especially if they have not committed a serious crime. Keeping a well organized record of events may help individuals prove their claim in a civil courtroom.

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