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Deportation defense success rate improves for many in California

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2014 | Family Immigration

Increased numbers of immigrants fighting deportation are celebrating success, according to a recent report. California was listed among the states with the best success rates. There are a number of jurisdictions within the country where a immigration”>deportation defense has been successfully implemented for many immigrants.

Since Oct. 2013, when the current fiscal year began, nearly 50 percent of the cases involving people facing the threat of deportation ended in a successful resolution for those wanting to stay in the United States. This was true for nearly 43,000 cases. In the previous year, the government was the victor in approximately 52 percent of similar actions that took place.

Officials were hesitant to list definitive reasons for the change. They say the laws regarding deportation have not changed. Instead, they claim that the way in which the law is enforced is changing, which is one reason the numbers have shifted the way they have.

They may be right. About three years ago, the government looked at many, many deportation cases lingering on the court rolls to see if there was a way they could be dispatched efficiently. Thousands of cases were dismissed, which offered a slight reprieve.

Relatively new orders from the White House provide some guidelines. They indicate officials should use their judgment when deciding which immigrants are not allowed to remain in the United States. If the person in question is not thought to be dangerous or a threat to national security, he or she is more likely to be allowed to stay, according to the policy.

New programs could also be making a difference. A program enacted in 2012 allowed some immigrant children to remain in the country and obtain work permits for a maximum of two years. The program positively affected thousands of children.

Officials are not entirely sure what this trend means for immigrants in California and elsewhere who are planning their own deportation defense. They say the law is changing to reflect the nation’s changing needs. Many have made public arguments that further reform is needed to ensure fairness for all involved.

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