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Women’s groups push immigration reform in California, elsewhere

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2014 | Family Immigration

Prompted by the belief that immigration policy has the greatest effect on women and children, several advocacy groups are leading a charge for reform. A coalition comprised mainly of women’s advocacy groups announced recently that they will continue their quest to improve immigration policy and practices. They say it is the only way to ensure reform efforts progress for families in California and across the nation.

Headed up by the advocacy group We Belong Together, the coalition consists of females, union workers and community organizations. They intend to hold public fasts and targeted attacks to draw attention to their cause. These efforts are expected to begin in early spring.

Although the group is not affiliated with a specific political party, officials within the organization say they intend to shine a light on inaction. They claim ignoring the need for change in this area will not make it go away. They say inactivity comes with too high a cost.

About three-fourths of the immigrants currently living in America are either a woman or a child, according to officials within the group. Many live with the constant worry that they or their families will be torn apart because of issues with the current immigration laws and policies. Educating them about their rights and how they might be improved is one of the keys to success, officials say.

A California House Representative claims that efforts to push through immigration reform have a high possibility of success. She says the people most affected by the issue must concentrate their efforts towards positive change if it is to take place. She urged women’s groups to organize and band together on this issue much like they have done successfully in the past.

Many people agree that immigration reform is needed greatly. The disagreement occurs when determining how that might best be accomplished. Whatever the answer, working towards better, more equitable immigration laws and policies is something almost anyone can endorse.

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