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Investor visas require cash investment and minimum 10 employees

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2014 | Employment Immigration

There are multiple ways to enter and remain legally in the United States. Some people looking to establish a residence in California and elsewhere start a business, which may qualify them for investor visas. Those visas can come with a high price tag, however.

To qualify for an investor visa, a person must own a business that operates in the United States and has a minimum of 10 employees. The business owner must also make an investment of at least $500,000. If he or she complies with the guidelines, an investor visa may be issued.

A man from England who owns a newly-started company in the United States is afraid he won’t be able to meet the requirement concerning employees. He has exceeded the needed financial outlay, but his business only has room and revenue to support two employees other than himself. If he is unable to add eight more employees to his payroll, he could be forced to leave the country. He has about a year to comply.

The investor visa has been available for several decades. It has seen a burst of popularity over the past two years. About 800 investor visas were issued in 2007. Two years ago, that number reportedly increased to more than 6,500.

Their new-found popularity can be attributed to several factors. Reports suggest that more foreigners with access to large sums of money are interested in living in America. The program is also being touted overseas as a viable option for those who can afford to meet the hefty financial criteria.

Although not a new idea, investor visas increase the opportunities for immigrants living in California or elsewhere who want to remain in their adopted home. An entrepreneur who has met with success can continue to do so — but only if they first meet all the requirements. For some, like the man mentioned above, that may be more difficult than it might first seem.

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