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Desire to grant Green cards to foreign graduates of U.S. colleges

On Behalf of | May 29, 2014 | Employment Immigration

While the pathway to being granted legal status to stay in the country isn’t always easy, there are those fighting to provide more options for individuals who wish to call the United States home. Recently, the Department of Labor asked government officials to grant green cards to foreign graduates of U.S. colleges, in order for them to use the education they gain here to support the local economy. This could be a huge benefit to California students about to graduate, who may otherwise be forced to head back to their native country when their college days are done.

Thousands of students from all across the globe come to attend American colleges for the high level of education they offer. Unfortunately, after graduation, it is hard for them to obtain the proper documentation to legally stay in the country to use that education. Instead, it seems priority has been given to giving visas to people moving in country for a job only.

The Department of Labor would like to see the policy changed in an effort to allow these students to obtain legal status and available jobs in their field when they graduate. They also believe this will help keep pay for these fields competitive, as opposed to allowing employers to hire cheap labor. So far, there is no word as to whether or not this practice will be implemented. However, the Department of Labor is hopeful that government officials will see the benefits it could provide for the economy.

Immigration issues are always a hot topic in California and nationwide. While there doesn’t seem to be one end-all solution, there are steps being taken to make it easier for immigrants to stay in the country. Graduating students, who are struggling to get the proper documentation to remain in the country after school is done, may have legal options to help them in the process of getting their green cards.

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