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Short supply of H-1B visas blamed for poor tech industry growth

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2014 | Employment Immigration

People flock to American from all around the world for jobs or to live out their own “American dream.” Unfortunately, getting the proper documentation to acquire that job or to stay in the country permanently can prove to be rather difficult. According to recent data, a shortage of H-1B visas offered to immigrants can be blamed for poor growth in the country’s tech industries. Some cities in California have seen the effects of this.

These particular visas are given to foreign workers in specialty fields and are only granted in limited quantities. With the technology industry booming in cities nationwide, it is believed that limiting these visas is disrupting the growth of these fields. In turn, this is negatively affecting job creation for American workers.

According to data collected by the National Foundation for American Policy, immigrants are assuming vital roles in the fields of science and engineering. Opportunities are lost when these highly skilled workers are turned away due to a lack of available visas. It is believed that failure to correct this issue will continue to have a negative effect, not just with respect to the tech industry but on the economy as a whole.

While trying to acquire an H-1B visa may seem like a difficult task, it is possible to attain. For California residents who already have been granted one of these employment visas, but who wish to apply for permanent status, this request can be made through the proper channels. Achieving the desired American dream and obtaining permanent status — or even U.S. citizenship — may take time, effort and a lot of determination, but it is possible to accomplish.

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