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Moving family members to the U.S. — can I do it?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2014 | Family Immigration

A major concern for many immigrants in California is the ability to keep their families together. For some, this involves eventually moving family members to the U.S. who may have had to stay behind in their native country for the time being. With the desire to start a new family life in this country, those in this situation may wonder what they can do to get the proper clearance required to bring their family back together.

Typically, there are two ways for immigrants to enter the country legally. The first is employment-based immigration, and the second is family-based immigration. After one family member moves to the United States, it may be possible to bring the rest of the family, though it can take some time. There is generally a waiting list that can’t be bypassed; however, an experienced immigration attorney can help ensure everything is in order when petitioning for family clearance, which may help reduce any further delays.

When trying to immigrate to this country, the person or persons immigrating need to have an “anchor,” or sponsor. For employment-based immigration, that anchor would be an employer. For family-based immigration, that anchor would be a family member already living in the country who agrees to specific terms. These terms can be viewed on our Moving Family Members to the U.S. page.

Along with needing to provide an anchor, other obstacles may stand in the way of moving family members to the U.S. — such as illegal entry into the country or a criminal conviction. It may be difficult, though possible, to find ways around these obstacles in order to get a petition for family entry approved.

Speaking to an immigration attorney in California who specializes in all areas of immigration law, including family-based immigration, will likely prove beneficial in reducing wait times and minimizing any potential problems that may stand in the way of getting a petition for family immigration approved.