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What is the citizenship and naturalization process?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2014 | Citizenship

People immigrate to the United States every day. Some may wish to make their stay a temporary one, for employment or school opportunities, while others may wish to make the transition permanent. For immigrants, whether in California or elsewhere across the country, who want a more permanent arrangement, gaining an understanding of the citizenship and naturalization process will be of great importance.

Though citizenship isn’t always easy to achieve, it is well worth the wait as many advantages accompany that status. Those who are granted citizenship have the right to vote, are granted increased legal protections and have more access to employment and benefit opportunities. Though obtaining that status has its challenges, it can be achieved if certain requirements are met.

The naturalization process consists of several steps that must be completed before citizenship is granted. A few of these steps include meeting the mandatory age requirement, currently holding permanent residency status and being able to show good moral character. Providing accurate information and being honest regarding application information is critical.

Along with providing the information requested on the citizenship and naturalization application, certain tests must also be passed. These tests include a language exam, as well as United States history and government exams. Overall, this process can be long, drawn out and a bit confusing. Immigrants in California who are seeking citizenship status don’t have to work through the process alone. Seeking assistance as needed can help ensure the proper preparations for application were made and all legal rights are being protected.

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