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H-1B visas applications require attention to detail

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2014 | Employment Immigration

Professionals who desire to make a move to the United States, either for a new life or simply a learning opportunity, are required to have proper legal documentation in order to continue working in their particular field. H-1B visas are generally required for certain specialized positions, but getting one of these visas isn’t easy. The number granted across the country each year is limited. Immigrants to California who would like to work in their trained profession must act quickly and without error if they are to be granted this kind of visa.

An H-1B visa is needed for foreign trained professionals in areas such as law, medicine, science and engineering to obtain employment in their field. This is a visa that can be secured rather quickly, if they are still available and certain specifications are met. These visas are good for up to six years — longer than some other visas — which gives immigrants ample time to apply for permanent residency status if your United States employer is willing to be your sponsor.

As will all visa applications, certain documents are required to be submitted before the visa is approved. A list of required documentation is available on our San Diego H-1B Visas Lawyers page. Filling out all forms accurately and ensuring all documentation is accounted for and error free can make all the difference in the visa approval process.

Immigrants in need of work permits or H-1B visas can be granted these documents if they are prepared with all the required information. Paying close attention to the details when preparing an application is vital. An experienced California immigration attorney can help with this process and help ensure that everything is in order and free of errors before submitting a visa application.

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