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Who needs E-3 visas in order to work in the United States?

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2014 | Employment Immigration

There are a number of work visas available to immigrants who wish to gain employment in the United States. Those with certain professional licenses, in particular, need to obtain one of these visas in order to keep working in their current field when they enter the country. For those coming from Australia, E-3 visas are required for certain professionals before they are allowed to start work here in California or elsewhere nationwide.

An E-3 visa will only be granted to nationals of Australia who are seeking entry into the United States for the sole purpose of working in their current type of occupation. To qualify for this visa category certain requirements must be met, including proof of Australian nationality, a valid employment offer, documentation of academic or other credentials required for the position and proof that the position to be filled is indeed considered a specialty occupation. As far as academic or other credentials are concerned, the minimum of a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent is generally required.

E-3 visas can be applied for from both within and outside the United States. More information about each of those processes can be found through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. If granted, this type of visa is generally good for two years with extensions possible. Spouses and young children of the individual moving for the job are also entitled to obtain an E-3 classification.

Australian nationals who wish to pursue career opportunities in California or any other state in the country, depending on their field or work, may need to apply for E-3 visas for themselves and their family members. As with any type of visa, there are specific requirements that must be met and certain procedures that must be adhered to in order for an approval to be granted. As this process can be confusing, legal assistance is available to make sure everything is in order when applying for a visa or for filing an appeal if an application is denied.

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