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Citizenship and naturalization process, exceptions available

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2014 | Citizenship

While the rules and regulations that govern the immigration process can be quite strict, there are a number of exceptions and accommodations available for those who qualify. Immigrants in California may have a lot of questions about the citizenship and naturalization process, including if they might qualify for any of these modifications. In this week’s post, we are going to cover a couple of the exceptions available and provide some brief information about who might be eligible to receive them.

While passing an English test is generally part of the naturalization process, some immigrants may be exempt from this requirement. Those who are 50 years of age or older and have lived in the United States as a permanent resident for 20 or more years may be entitled to apply for this exception. For those who are 55 years of age or older, the permanent residency requirement is reduced to 15 years.

Before naturalization is complete, immigrants are required to take and pass both English and civics tests. This is true unless they are found physically or developmentally unable to do so or they meet the English language exception and are only required to pass the civics exam. This is called a medical disability exception. A licensed physician or psychologist will be required to fill out the proper exception forms in order for an immigrant to receive this modification. Other disability accommodations may also be available.

The process to completing citizenship and naturalization can be a challenging one. Exceptions and accommodations are accessible for those who qualify. If needed, California immigrants who require assistance with naturalization, or need help applying for modifications can seek legal counsel to ensure the process is carried out as smoothly as possible.

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