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Moving family members to the U.S. a desire for many immigrants

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2015 | Family Immigration

While many immigrants living in California came with the intent to start a new life and better their situation for themselves and their families, many had to leave their family members behind in order to get started. Once established, moving family members to the U.S. is the next big step most would like to take. Unfortunately, current immigration laws can make this a difficult process.

Family support is considered key to future success. Those who are fighting to get their families into the country legally may find themselves struggling in a lot of ways. Immigrants wishing to move family members to the United States often have several legal hurdles they must jump through before their dreams become a reality. In some cases, it can take years or even decades before everything gets worked out.

While the law allows immigrants to apply for entry into the United States, and residency status if they already have a family member or other suitable anchor in the country, it doesn’t mean all petitions are immediately granted. The smallest misstep can mean the difference between an application approval or denial. In many cases, paperwork error — including incomplete applications or filing the wrong forms — can result in processing delays and application denial.

Immigration issues simply are complex and detailed. The failure to pay attention to the tiniest of details can make moving family members to the U.S. an awful ordeal. Despite the administrative technicalities that may present themselves, it is possible to get the proper documentation for family members to enter the country. Legal assistance is available to California residents in order to make this process move as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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