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Representation for detainees is available to California immgrants

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Immigrants who come to the United States face a number of challenges. These start with the hardships suffered to gain access to the country. After successfully making it onto American soil, obtaining the legal rights to stay is not an easy task. While many undocumented immigrants can live under the radar for some time, the fear of deportation is ever present. Those who are picked up by immigration enforcement may feel there is little they can do, but legal representation for detainees is available and may actually help immigrants in their fight to remain in the country — whether that is in California or elsewhere.

With the mass influx of immigrant women and children last year, the number of detention centers has increased in quite a few states. The stories told about life in these centers paint a bleak picture of what these individuals are forced to endure in their desire to obtain the American dream. Sadly, many feel they are unable to seek help to improve their situation.

Men, women and children are often required to remain in detention centers for days to months before any action is taken regarding their immigration status. Many of these individuals suffer from malnutrition and abuse. Despite what quite a few immigrants may believe, they do have the ability to seek legal counsel in order to improve their situation.

Representation for detainees is available and can help immigrants in California or elsewhere who are kept in detention centers. Along with seeking release from a holding facility, an immigration attorney can aid immigrants in the process of applying for legal status. While fighting for freedom is not easy, legal assistance can help move the process forward and according to law.

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