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California deportation and removal proceedings: deportations down

On Behalf of | May 6, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Immigration is, and has been for some time, a hot topic among federal lawmakers. While small steps are taken every so often that improve the lives of undocumented immigrants, sweeping reform is really needed to appropriately help those who desire to make the United States their official home and reduce the fear of deportation. Many undocumented individuals in California are seeing more help than others across the country, but overall, fewer immigrants nationwide seem to be facing deportation and removal proceedings.

A recent report claims that the number of immigrants being deported has declined over the past few years. This decrease in deportations is being attributed to steps taken by current lawmakers. While there is always a divide on this issue, many would like to see more families stay together rather than forcing them apart. In an effort to accomplish this, the current administration has offered a plan that would help millions avoid deportation. Unfortunately, this has yet to take affect.

According to current numbers, nearly 20,000 individuals are removed from the country every month. It is expected that just over 230,000 people will be deported by the end of the government’s fiscal year in September. While this is certainly a lot of people, it is a significant decrease when compared to the number of immigrants deported in 2012 — which was almost 410,000.

Overall, small changes to laws have made it more difficult for Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to quickly deport undocumented immigrants, but millions still live in fear that they will be forced to leave. Those facing deportation and removal proceedings, whether in California or elsewhere, do have the ability to fight for the right to remain in the country. Legal counsel is available to help with this cause by providing representation at deportation hearings, filing any and all applicable immigration forms and — if necessary — filing appeals. While the road to gaining legal status can be long and confusing, it is not one that must be walked alone.

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