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California immigration: Immigrants have rights too

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Family Immigration

Undocumented immigrants who are currently living in California or other areas of the country are, more than likely, in constant fear of being deported. These individuals just want a better life for themselves and their family members. However, working through the immigration process can take time, and it is unfortunate that numerous people are detained before they are able to obtain the necessary papers to remain in the country.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is charged with detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants. Those usually sought often have criminal records, or are wanted for serious criminal offenses. While the job of ICE agents is not, by any means, easy, these individuals are still supposed to follow certain standards when performing the functions of their jobs. Sadly, numerous documented and undocumented immigrants have shared stories that do not paint ICE agents in a positive light.

In another part of the country, documented immigrants have claimed that ICE agents entered their homes, took photographs, interviewed U.S. citizen children without adults present and fingerprinted all residents — all without their permission. Immigration raids are nothing new. ICE agents are allowed to enforce immigration policy, but certain standards should be followed when gaining entrance to immigrants’ homes and in regards to the treatment of those residing in the homes.

Immigrants should not have to be afraid of how they will be treated if they are required to meet with members of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Undocumented or not, people do have certain rights, including the right to representation and the right to receive fair treatment. Immigrants in California can seek legal representation to help with all immigrations matters, including applying for legal status, gaining citizenship, or fighting deportation and removal requests. Utilizing an attorney can help ensure that a person’s rights are not being violated and that he or she is given every possible opportunity to remain in the country with his or her family members.

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