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Online immigration applications programs — good or bad?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Family Immigration

Anyone, in California or elsewhere, who has been or is currently going through the immigration process alone, could probably attest to how time consuming it is to figure out the current system. Even when one thinks he or she has it all figured out, making even the tiniest of mistakes on an application can have major consequences. Accessing, filling out and filing immigration applications should not be so confusing. Will changes be made to the system anytime soon?

There are many people who believe that changes are needed to immigration applications to make them easier to understand. One company in particular would like to see applications put online in simplified forms. Clearpath, a business based in another state, hopes to achieve just that.

According to the company’s CEO, the goal is to have a program that is set up to walk people through immigration applications online — similar to Turbo Tax. While this may offer some benefits, there are those questioning whether the benefits outweigh the risks of using these types of programs. Even though Clearpath claims the program would help people avoid mistakes on their immigration applications, the simple truth is there is no guarantee. If something is missed and the application submitted, even if the mistake is small, it can cause big problems for the filer — possibly even resulting in deportation.

Are online immigration application programs good or bad? Some may like the idea, but others would rather have the peace of mind that comes with having all documents reviewed in person before submission. An immigration attorney can help those residing in California or elsewhere understand what forms are needed for their specific circumstances, ensure applications are error free before they are submitted and provide legal representation throughout the process.

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