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Is one’s sexual orientation a reason to be granted asylum?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2015 | Asylum

It seems impossible to go throughout the day without hearing something about problems relating to sexual orientation. This is an emotionally charged matter from all viewpoints, and it is something that affects people on a global scale. Regardless of where one stands on the issue, there are those whose lives are threatened because of matters of this nature. Some of these individuals are immigrants who desire asylum and the right to live anywhere in the country, including California.

Currently, there is a woman in another state who has sought sanctuary at a church while she works to fight deportation. This individual left her native country due to discrimination regarding her sexual orientation and says she is afraid to return. The other problem is her fear of being deported if she leaves church property. However, in order to file the proper forms, she will have to go to an immigrantion office.

Those entering this country wanting asylum, much like this woman, are understandably fearful of immigrantion processes and potential deportations. While there is not fast fix to gaining the proper documents needed to reside in the country, it does not mean that this goal is unattainable. Securing legal representation may help an asylum seeker get through every stage of the immigrantion process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Asylum is meant for those whose native countries are too violent to return to, or for those who have legitimate reasons to fear for their lives — among other things. Does the reaction to one’s sexual orientation meet the requirements for asylum? That is something that will likely be reviewed on a case by case basis. Those residing in California who are themselves, or who have family members, in similar circumstances can address their concerns with experienced immigrantion attorneys in order to make informed decisions regarding the best ways to proceed for their specific situations.

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