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More temporary work permits may soon be available for farmworkers

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2015 | Employment Immigration

A bill that is currently working its way through the approval process in California may help numerous immigrants across the state who are working on farms. Known as Assembly Bill 20, if passed, this measure will grant temporary work permits and deportation relief to undocumented farm workers. It is believed that this will help approximately 500,000 people.

According to current statistics, it is believed that up to 70 percent of farm workers across the state are undocumented immigrants. With a value of nearly $2 billion — as of 2013, — commercial agriculture is big business. Understandably, there are fears that deporting workers could have an extremely negative effect on production, which would also cause a reduction in value.

Assembly Bill 20 recently passed through the Senate Agriculture Committee. It has been sent to the Appropriations Committee for financial study. If this bill makes it to Governor Brown to sign, the state will still have a lot of work ahead, as immigration issues such as this are likely to be questioned by the Federal Government.

With so many of California farm workers being undocumented immigrants, passing a bill that would grant temporary work permits and deportation relief would be massive help to this particular community. Only time will tell if Assembly Bill 20 will be passed, signed and survive any legal challenges. While farm workers wait, there are other immigration options that might be available to help these individuals. An experienced attorney can help address individual concerns and pursue the best course of action for any given situation.

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