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Undocumented immigration increases California population

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2015 | Family Immigration

It was recently estimated that nearly 7 percent of the population in California includes residents who hale from foreign lands. Undocumented immigration is estimated to reflect the statuses of nearly three million California residents. A recent study from the Public Policy Institute of California concluded that many of these immigrants came to the United States from Latin America.

Los Angeles is reportedly the place of residence for as many as 814,000 immigrants without documented statuses. Some people have expressed a desire to deny these residents any sort of public benefits. However, those opposed to such measures claim that many Californians support a policy that suggests a path to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants in the state.

The governor of the state seems to be in favor of helping these residents become fully integrated in their community lives. He has taken steps to allow them driving privileges and benefits for receiving higher education. He has also worked to bar discrimination against those without legal statuses in the state.

Undocumented immigration remains a significant issue in current California news. Some have stated that a huge portion of the state’s workforce is comprised of workers without official legal statuses in the United States. These types of circumstances can result in complicated issues for those who wish to seek a legalization or adjustment of their statuses. Many times, entire families are affected by an individual case. In such situations, it might prove beneficial to consult with an immigration and naturalization law attorney in order to seek answers to questions and glean advice as to how one might best address the matters at hand.

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