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Help is available to those working through immigrantion appeals

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Family Immigration

Fear of deportation is something that affects all immigrants in California and across the country who do not have the necessary paperwork and approval to live in the United States. The number of people in this category is in the millions, and that is a lot of individuals and families that can be taken from everything that they love due to immigrantion issues that are often relatively minor. For anyone who is faced with deportation, for whatever the reason, it is possible to start the appeals process in order to fight deportation and removal.

Just as working through the immigrantion process can prove difficult, the appeals process really is no different. There are certain situations in which deportation orders have little chance of being overturned. Those who are convicted of certain criminal offenses will generally fall into this category. However, details matter, and the specifics of one’s case may prove to be the exception and result in the cancellation of a deportation order.

There are other individuals who may have been diligently working through the immigrantion process only to have their applications denied. The reasons why can be quite confusing. In some of these cases, problems with paperwork is often to blame. Missing documents and inconsistencies in information are just a few reasons why an immigrantion application may not be approved and a deportation is ordered. Again, it is possible to file an appeal, but in doing so it will be necessary to provide documentation that will prove a paperwork error was, in fact, the issue.

There are various reasons as to why a person may wish to appeal an immigrantion decision, but doing so alone can be difficult and confusing. California residents who have received deportation orders will need to act swiftly if they would like to start the appeals process. Guidance offered and representation provided by an experienced immigrantion attorney may prove invaluable in one’s fight to remain in the country.

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