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How can attorney help with moving family members to the U.S.?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2015 | Family Immigration

It is not uncommon for immigrants currently living in California and elsewhere to have the desire to bring their family members into the country to be with them. Moving family members to the U.S. is not always easy, however. An experienced immigrantion attorney may be able to help tackle the many obstacles that are often present when working through this process.

There are two basic ways family members of U.S. immigrants are able to enter the country. These are through family-based immigrantion and employment-based immigrantion. In either case, there is a waiting list that can be rather long, and one’s place on the list is determined by a number of variables. These include from which country the family members are coming from and the nature of their relationship with a U.S. citizen or resident.

There are, unfortunately, numerous obstacles that applicants or petitioners may encounter when applying for family entry. The biggest issues tend to relate to those who have unlawfully entered the United States and those who have been accused of committing criminal acts. An immigrantion attorney may be able to help with each of these problems. To learn how, please visit the frequently asked questions section on our moving family members to the U.S. webpage.

The immigrantion system is not necessarily easy to navigate. Having assistance throughout the entire process can assist with moving family members to the U.S. by helping to avoid any application errors, addressing any legal concerns and ensuring family members are placed on the appropriate waiting lists. While it may take time to finally obtain the necessary documents that allow family member to enter the country, those residing in California can potentially speed up the process by utilizing an experienced immigrantion attorney who has a understanding of the system, rather than trying to go it alone.