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Syrian refugee seeking asylum in the United States

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Asylum

A man, currently in his early 30s, left his home country some time ago in order to avoid being drafted into the army. He wanted a better life for himself and his family, but he did not agree with the fighting that was continually getting worse in Syria and believed that leaving was his best option. In 2012, he left everything he knew for another country. In 2014, he eventually made his way to the United States, entering at the border in California, with the hope of achieving asylum.

This individual was transferred to a detention facility shortly after crossing the border. There he remained for approximately 10 months before he received word that his asylum had been denied. He was released and has been living in California, waiting for immigrantion authorities to inform him of when and where he is to be deported.

Over the past year, he has met and married the love of his life. He has obtained employment and has, overall, made a good life for himself and his new bride. However, they both fear the day that he will receive the details of his deportation orders.

This is a story that may seem familiar to others who have come to the United States seeking asylum. There are strict guidelines as to who may be granted the ability to remain in the country under this immigrantion status. Those, like this individual, who have been denied asylum may choose to appeal such decisions. While this is not always easy to do, with legal assistance, those in California or elsewhere who have been denied asylum can continue to fight for the ability to stay and be kept safe from the dangers in their native countries.

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