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California immigrantion: Losing permanent resident status

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2015 | Family Immigration

After a person goes through all of the work to obtain a green card, he or she may not think it is possible to lose the permanent residency status it provides. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Unless an individual applies to complete the naturalization process, it is possible for permanent resident status to be taken away or abandoned. Those in California who face the threat of losing their status may seek legal assistance with this and any other immigrantion issues.

There are actually two basic ways in which a person can have their permanent residency status removed — in court or voluntarily. Some people are only granted green cards under certain conditions, such as the condition that they are getting married or taking part in a qualifying investment. If those conditions are no longer in the picture, the individuals with these green cards may be ordered to appear at removal proceedings, wherein a judge will decide if deportation is necessary.

There are those who abandon their lawful permanent resident status voluntarily. Those who choose to do this may return home to their native countries or move elsewhere, leave the United States for lengthy amounts of time, fail to file income taxes or declare non immigrant on tax returns. If it is not someone’s intention to willfully abandon his or her permanent resident status, help may be available to fight the loss of this status.

Losing one’s lawful permanent resident status can be difficult to handle. An immigrantion attorney can help those in California fight to maintain this status and take further actions, if desired, to complete the naturalization process. immigrantion issues can be tough to tackle alone, but by seeking the right help, it may be possible to resolve green card and other problems swiftly and smoothly.

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