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California employment immigrantion: Who needs a P-visa?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Employment Immigration

There are many different reasons as to why one may want to enter the United States. One of the biggest reasons is for employment purposes. There are various visas available for employment immigrantion. For one wishing to come to California or elsewhere across the country for athletic or entertainment purposes, he or she will need a P-visa.

As with other visas, there are different forms of the P-visa. For example, there are P-1A and P-1B visas. A P-1A would be needed by an athlete who wishes to enter the United States temporarily for an athletic competition. A P-1B visa would be needed by one who is entertainer with an internationally recognized group.

Once achieved, P-visas are good for one year; however, they may be extended. There are very specific requirements that must be met in order to obtain a P-visa. For an athlete, these include that he or she must be apart of an internationally recognized team and that no services apart from the team are to be performed. For an entertainment group, these include that the group must have a high level of achievement, be internationally recognized and that 75 percent of the group must have been together for at least a year.

There are specific steps that must be taken for an individual in either of these fields to apply for P-visa. Those who believe they meet all of the requirements can fill out the appropriate forms and submit any required documentation. Legal assistance is available to help those who desire to enter California, or those who need to extend their visas, with the application process and to tackle any conflicts that may arise.

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