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California representation for detainees: Immigrants can seek help

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Criminal Defense

There are numerous immigrants who are being held in detention centers in California and other locations across the county. Some of these individuals are held for years at a time as they try to sort out their immigrantion cases. Unfortunately, many of them feel helpless in their causes, as their cases sometimes drag on with little progress. Those in such situations do need to know that representation for detainees is available.

One man recently shared his story about his time in one of these detention centers. The 53-year-old asylum seeker entered the country in 1988, when he fled Honduras. He worked for years as a truck driver in California, which is where his family now resides. While working through the immigrantion process, this man was eventually placed in a jail in Orange County that is being used as a detention facility for immigrants. He spent years at the jail, and he says that during his time there he and other detainees were mistreated and abused by the guards.

This particular person was ultimately returned to Honduras. In speaking out about his treatment at the California facility, he hopes to bring the treatment of detainees to light. In addition, he hopes his story will help other asylum seekers avoid similar treatment in the future. 

Representation for detainees is available. Experienced immigrantion attorneys can assist those individuals who are still working on their cases from behind bars in fighting for fair treatment and swift resolutions. While there are no guarantees when it comes to working through the immigrantion process, immigrants currently residing in California do not have to walk the path alone.

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