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What to expect at an asylum interview

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Asylum

Asylum is not just freely given to anyone who claims to have reason not to return to his or her native country. Those who are seeking asylum in the United States have to jump through quite a few hoops before it may be granted. For instance, a credible fear interview will be required, which may be a struggle for some individuals. An asylum seeker residing in California can employ an experienced immigrantion attorney to help him or her throughout this difficult and often confusing process.

In order for an immigrant to be granted asylum, sufficient proof must be provided that he or she faces a credible fear or persecution in his or her home country. What does credible fear of persecution mean exactly? This means that an immigrant believes that he or she may be subject to torture or other physical or psychological harm if he or she were to return home.

A foreign national will be given the opportunity to explain the situation during an asylum interview. Any possible threats will have to be validated by the asylum officer. During the interview, the officer will determine if the immigrant is barred from asylum or if he or she faces a credible fear. The case will then be sent to an immigrantion judge for further review.

Just because someone says he or she has reason to fear being deported does not mean that reason will be recognized by the United States. Those in California who believe they qualify for asylum can seek legal help with their cases. Getting asylum approval is not easy, but with the right assistance, those seeking refuge can make informed decisions as they fight for the ability to remain in the country.

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