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What is needed to obtain E-2 visas?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2016 | Employment Immigration

Every visa type has its own set of requirements that petitioners must meet in order to obtain. E-2 visas are no different. Those seeking this type of investor visa for projects in California or elsewhere can seek the assistance of immigrantion attorneys to make sure that they meet all the necessary qualifications.

In order to obtain an E-2 visa, one must be able to show that he or she would like to enter the country in order to invest in a new or existing project. This cannot be a small thing, though, and the capital one is investing must be considered substantial. One’s investment must be able to provide a certain standard of living or make a strong economic contribution. In other words, this can not be an investment that is sitting idle — such as undeveloped land.

After being able to provide detailed information about an investment, one will then need to show proof of possession of funds and be able to provide information about the source of the funding. Those who obtain funds from questionable sources are likely to have visa applications denied. Finally, one must be able to prove that he or she owns 50 percent of a project or that he or she wishes to enter the country for the purpose of taking some level of operational control.

Each of these requirements may seem pretty simple to meet. However, immigrantion authorities are likely to look for any small details that are out of place or missing which could result in application denials. There are certainly valid reasons for applying for E-2 visas for business ventures in California or elsewhere. With legal assistance, petitioners can ensure that their applications are in order and that all necessary information is verified and included.

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