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How can an attorney help with fiance visas?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Employment Immigration

Getting married is supposed to be an exciting time in a couple’s life together. Unfortunately, for United States citizens, whether residing in California or elsewhere, who become engaged to non-citizens currently residing outside the country, getting married can be more difficult than expected. In such cases, fiance visas are required and obtaining them is not always easy. An immigrantion attorney may be able to help, though.

No one can help it when it comes to who and where they fall in love. If you have met your match in another country and wish to bring him or her to the United States with you in order to start your lives together, you may find getting the appropriate visa is a bit of a challenge. Fiance visas may be obtained, however, if all the necessary requirements can be met.

The requirements for a fiance visa are, like all other visas, quite strict. A couple must have met in person within two years of applying for the visa and both individuals must be legally able to get married — among others. To learn more about the requirements for K-1 fiance visas, please feel free to visit our firm’s website.

When it comes to applying for fiance visas, various errors — mainly with paperwork — may be made that can result in denial or even the delay of approval. This can be devastating when a couple is ready to begin their lives as husband and wife. Whether residing in California or elsewhere, with the assistance of legal counsel a couple can avoid such errors, which can certainly help increase the odds of approval and speed up processing times.