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Immigrants seeking dual citizenship and naturalization

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | Citizenship

Numerous immigrants currently residing in California are interested in becoming U.S. citizens but also have the desire to keep citizenship in their native countries. It is possible for these individuals to go through the citizenship and naturalization process in an effort to seek what is known as dual citizenship. How can this be accomplished?

The legal considerations involved in having dual citizenship can be somewhat complicated, such as certain tax obligations. However, there certainly are advantages to keeping one’s native citizenship after U.S. citizenship is achieved. Some of these include easy residency and access to government funded programs.

It is possible for an individual to go through the naturalization process while maintaining citizenship in other countries. The proper forms simply need to be filled out and any applicable documents submitted to immigrantion officials. Once the process is started, one will typically have to pass the U.S. citizenship test and interview in order for his or her application to be considered. Once all of this has been completed, a final decision will be mailed to the petitioner within a designated time frame.

Once the citizenship and naturalization process is completed successfully, this does not guarantee that dual citizenship will always be honored. It is still possible for this status to be revoked or renounced. One’s legal counsel can address this and other issues pertaining to dual citizenship in further detail. Immigrants in California who still wish to pursue dual citizenship can do so with the help of an experienced immigrantion attorney. With assistance, the proper steps can be taken to get through this process and any problems that arise can be handled in a timely fashion.

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