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Beware of unlicensed immigrantion service centers

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Employment Immigration

Throughout California, numerous agencies can be found that claim to specialize in issues affecting immigrants. Unfortunately, some of these companies, upon closer investigation, have been found to not hold the required licenses required under state law to perform the services they claim to offer. The owner and an employee of one such immigrantion services business in the northern part of the state were recently arrested on fraud charges, although the business still remained opened after their arrests.

The owner of Al Sanchez Bookkeeping and Tax — a 56-year-old male — and a staff member — a 46-year-old female — were arrested in mid-July. Both of these individuals are accused of illegally running an immigrantion consulting business, as the company does not have the proper clearance. A day after their arrests, the business was still up and running, although, it was closed by the end of that same week.

In order to obtain the proper licenses to perform immigrantion services these businesses must secure $100,000 bonds, pass background checks and submit formal applications to the U.S. Secretary of State. Unfortunately, going through this process is something some of these so-called business owners fail to complete. Sadly, immigrants are the ones who suffer, as they put their trust in these firms, spend thousands of dollars and often see little, if any, results.

immigrantion services fraud is a very real issue in California and elsewhere. Those who are in need of such services do have legitimate options available to them, and they can easily be found by doing one’s due diligence. An immigrantion attorney is a great resource for those needing such assistance. By seeking the right help from the very beginning, one can get his or her issues properly addressed and be sure that the appropriate steps in managing the issue are taken.

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